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Well, sort of. I only had Orzo on hand so its Cheezy Orzo.
From this post on the Vegan Forum:
"My 'cheese' sauce is stolen from one of our "mac and cheese" threads here (or perhaps another forum, I can't recall, taken from one of the vegan cookbooks originally, I believe).

-Melt 3 Tbls. of vegan margarine (Earth Balance where I live) in sauce pan over medium flame (er "coil" in my case).

-Mix together in a bowl the powder mixture:

3 Tbls. "Nooch" (Nutr. Yeast)
1 Tbls. all purpose flour
1/8 teaspoon turmeric (coloring really but adds a little taste too, I believe)

[options I often add: dash of garlic powder, Tabasco, mustard powder or prepared, and black pepper. Note: Earth Balance has plenty of salt for me but add some if your margarine doesn't.]

- Dissolve powder mixture in melted vegan margarine to make a thick paste

- Immediately add 1/4 to 1/2 cup unsweetened, plain, unflavored soy milk (I have used others in a pinch and hear one can use just plain water too) and stir until uniform.

- cook at medium-low, stirring frequently until mixture starts to bubble. The liquid will start to thicken and I stop at the first sign that the bubbles are showing a glistening (much like real melted cheese does which shows the fat content is trying to separate) perhaps 2 or 3 minutes tops. Done.

The 1/4 to 1/2 cup liquid is my guesstimate. I usually wing it. Use more for a more liquidy result and less for a thicker result, obviously.


Oh, so cheezy! Nom!
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Last night we tried our hand at cooking a lentil loaf for the first time. The recipe used basically called for putting most of the ingredients through a food processor. The end result was something that tasted good but had absolutely no texture. The man wasn't going to eat it and I wasn't thrilled with it, so I doctored it today.

I took the existing loaf, mashed it up, added a can of corn (drained), a box of frozen spinach (thawed and drained), a diced onion, 3 eggs and a TB or so of chili powder. It made 2 loafs out of the 1. We'll see how it turns about 40 minutes...


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