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Yesterday I went to JoAnn Fabrics in search of some fabric to send to a friend of mine for Christmas. There was a pre-Black Friday sale of 75% off some of my favorite types of fabric. I left with more than 20 yards of various fabrics. I have such plans!

Mom and I have been discussing doing sewing projects over the winter. I have so many ideas and so much supplies now that I should be able to keep busy until Spring. Easy stuff- like reusable flannel "paper" towels. Harder stuff like dresses. I've even found some patterns for plushies I'm going to try my hand at.

The leaves are all falling and winter is settling in and already I feel my brain and my mood getting morose. Oh, they try! But so far I've told them to stuff it and made more plans. I'm going to do my darndest to limit the self pity that sometimes comes along with seasonal depression. I know I won't be able to help it all of the time, but I can keep a positive mind set as often as possible and distract myself as much as I need to. I may end up with 100 throw pillows.


Nov. 24th, 2015 08:15 pm
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I just read the comments on a political post on facebook. I'm about to drink a bottle of wine.
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Help your fellow human and stop swallowing the BS sensationalizing media feeds you. Think for yourself and be open hearted.
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I have a new journal.  If I haven't friended you from it, drop me a note  to be added.  I'm going to mostly retire this one.  I'll keep it up and I'll occasionally post more personal stuff here, but everyday journaling will be going on over at the other place.

I'm going to be unfollowing most blogs from this account, but I will be re-following on my other blog, unless you haven't posted this year...and then I'm going to assume you're not coming back. :(
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jerkfaced buyers on eBay piss me off.

Just got a notification on eBay that a case had been opened concerning one of the items I had shipped.

The buyer had this to say:
"The item did not arrive yet. It's been 16 days since I paid, what does it take to mail a n inexpensive plastic bracelet? Was it mailed? Lost trust in this seller, no communication, no sales on ebay. Not serious about this transaction. Would like a full refund. Thank you."

My response, which included the tracking information:
"Your item was shipped on March 21st, at which time a shipping notification was sent to you. According to the tracking number, there does appear to be an issue with the delivery. The shipping status on this item appears to have stalled at the sorting facility. I will be in touch with my local post office tomorrow to see if they can assist. Please be reassured by my 900+ positive feedback that I will do whatever I can to come to a happy resolution."

Stupidhead. I have 973 feedback, 100% positive. Go suck on a dead dogs nose.
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I've been on LJ for years upon years. I retired one journal after many years because I needed a fresh start away from some real-life friendships that were part of that journal (I'll tell you about it if you're interested, but for now I'll chalk it up to it being hard to stay friends with selfish morons).

The journal after that is the one I've been using for the past seven years or so. After seven years of contemplating my life, venting and celebrating, the journal was just too personal to share with new people.

Sound reasoning to become a lemming and follow the example of several of my LJ/RL friends and start a new journal.

So, hi and hello.
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All my friends are enablers so I'm charging the airfare to the credit card and going to Yellowstone. :)
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Maybe its Spring, but I'm motivated to make changes and let some things go. Like...expecting more from my family than they are likely going to give. That's been a long standing problem, because most of them are pretty self-involved and unwilling to put themselves out for others.

I'd rather embrace positivity in my life- like the people who matter in a reciprocal manner. haha Life is MUCH less stressful when I'm only dealing with those that give an active rat's ass about me (as opposed to a passive rats ass where they would mind if I died, but don't really concern themselves with me the rest of the time). I enjoy using "positivity" and "rat's ass" in the same point.

So, how about I point my energy at the people and things that make me happy and not waste it anymore?

Sounds good to me.


Oct. 24th, 2013 06:21 pm
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Joyce is living across the street, in the house that her husband built, and where she lived with her family for 20+ years, with her twenty-some yr old boy toy. It skeeves me out.

She's texted me a few times over the past week. Once to borrow the lawn mower, which I ignored. Then twice this morning about a pretty photo op down the street, which I was too busy to answer and then forgot. Was just cleaning out my car to get ready to leave tomorrow and her boy is sitting on the front porch and calls over that I should answer my damn phone.

Fucking excuse me?

Just, ew!

Still...since I did feel a *little* bad for not getting back to her this morning, I texted her back and told her I was sorry for not replying sooner and how my week was crazy busy yada yada yada.

I need my Smokies trip.

PS Bosco is slightly less pathetic today.


Jul. 6th, 2013 09:11 pm
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Some people are
condescending jerks when alcohol enters the picture

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I had to send a card to a friend, but didnt have one on hand that seemed to suit her, so I made this one instead. Quick, but I thought she turned out cute. Better than sending a leftover Christmas card at least.
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Wednesday was Amanda's birthday so I'd offered to take her out for a day road trip of her choice. I made some suggestions and she chose Ocean City and Assateague Island as our destinations.

Our first stop was Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge. The wind was frigidly cold, but there were lots to photograph, so we both ventured out.
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Hope all of you in LJ land had a wonderful holiday!:)


May. 3rd, 2012 11:53 am
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Thanks everyone for your kind words and notes about Gracie. We're sad, but doing ok.

I went to see my back doctor today and he thinks things are going great. Having improved so much so quickly indicates that this wont turn into one of those horrid things that need surgery or what not. I may have flare ups in the future because of that cruddy disc but the physical therapy and what I'm learning there should help prevent things from going south too easily.

I still havent slept in my bed, but I may try again tonight. I'm driving myself, able to dress myself and tie my shoes (yayyy!) and havent need pain killers. My back is still displeased with me carrying anything over a couple of pounds (Carrying my camera in my purse this past saturday was reaaaaallly uncomfortable after half an hour or so). I'm heading out Saturday with my camera and we'll see how it goes. Hopefully I'll be comfortable enough within the next couple of weeks to get back to a normalish life!

Deja Vu

Feb. 6th, 2012 11:51 pm
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In a more spiritual sense, what are the possible reasons for experience intense deja vu when meeting a new person?
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I just signed a petition against a bill our local government just passed that would allow developement up to 150% of our schools' capacity. 1- I like having beautiful natural areas around me. 2- I agree with other local govt people that we should build up and not out (liveable communities). 3- we don't need even more annoying children and soccer moms in the area.
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Avoidance. I'll be meeting up with my pal Britt and her shotgun and we'll be departing for the wide open unpopulated lands of the west. :D
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I'm just 2000 words a day a respectable number when writing?
Also, are my characters allowed to write they're own stories while I sleep? Hmmm...
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Nov. 7th, 2011 09:32 pm
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I got into the game late and started writing yesterday. I make up for that by starting with a story idea I had already started a 'snowflake' for. I had a rough idea and several characters fleshed out a bit. So, yesterday I started writing.
I'm at 5,663.


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